• Best Tax For You is a company whose registered office is in Switzerland and which is specialized in the relocation of wealthy individuals as well as tax and estate planning. The company was founded and is currently led by Philippe Kenel, who practices law in Switzerland and Belgium as an international well-known tax planner. He recently published a third edition of his book "Délocalisation et investissements des personnes fortunées étrangères en Suisse et en Belgique."

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  • Clientele

    Best Tax For You provides services to wealthy people who want to relocate or are in search of solutions regarding tax, wealth or estate planning.

  • Relocation

    Relocating is a three-step process: choosing the country in which the person wishes to transfer his or her residence; completing the various procedures required in the new state of residence, for instance, in relation to tax matters, property and residence permits, as well as the various procedures required in the former country of residence in order to prevent any dispute regarding transfer of residency; and finally, moving to the new country. Having a large international network, Best Tax For You is able to advise each individual on the most suitable state to transfer his or her residence. In addition, Best Tax For You will carry on all the steps related to the transfer of residence and look after clients during the entire relocation process, bearing in mind, as Philippe Kenel always says, that it is not only a legal and tax adventure, but also a human adventure.

  • Tax, wealth and estate planning

    Best Tax For You also assists clients in legally optimizing tax, wealth and estate.

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